Saturday, February 27, 2010

Game 63 - #2 Kentucky @ #19 Tennessee - Feb. 27, 2010

Game- #2 Kentucky @ #19 Tennessee - Saturday, February 27, 2010

Line - Kentucky - 2 1/2

Result - Tennessee wins 74-65 and covers the spread

There has not been a game all year where it more appeared like Tony Greene, and his crew, were more "on the take" than today's match-up between #2 Kentucky and #19 Tennessee from Knoxville, TN. Tony Greene, working with Doug Sirmons and Mike Kitts, seemed to follow EVERY "On The Take Rule" established on this site, as if they are actually reading and learning from this site! Here are the examples:

With A Small Spread, Help Your Team Early So They Get Off To A Good Start

Kentucky was a slight 2 1/2 point favorite at Tennessee, so Tony Greene, working with Mike Kitts and Doug Sirmons, made sure that the early Kentucky 4-0 lead didn't expand. With the obvious help of the officials' calls, both making questionable calls against Kentucky and eschewing obvious foul calls against Tennessee, the Volunteers were able to run off 18 straight points against the #2 team in the nation and build a 14-point lead. Here are some of the specifics of how the officials aided Tennessee's run.

Get The Star Of The Team You Are NOT Helping In Early Foul Trouble

The Charge/Block Call - It Can Go Either Way, So Make Sure It Goes Your Way

Use Calls To Change The Momentum Of The Game And Help The Team You Are Helping

All year, we have seen on ITGOTT that the charge/block call is the biggest weapon of an official who might be on the take. Those calls are rarely obvious, almost always questioned, and a n official who would be good at rigging the spread of a game would know to use a charge/block call to change a game momentum, get a player in foul trouble, or even wipe off/allow a key basket. Sure enough, 1 1/2 minutes in, Doug Sirmons makes an AWFUL charge call on Kentucky superstar DeMarcus Cousins. This is particularly important because Cousins' play has been the engire that has driven Kentucky all year - when Cousins does well, so do the Wildcats. So Doug Sirmons, 1 1/2 minutes into the game, makes a horrendous charge call on Cousins that was ABSOLUTELY not a charge, and the momentum begins to change. Three ITGOTT rules obeyed with ONE single call, and Tennessee had some obvious help from the crew to begin its run.

Make Calls (or Non-Calls) To Aid The Team You Are Helping - And Do It Over And Over Again During A Run

At least TWICE during Tennessee's 18-0 run, ITGOTT saw OBVIOUS fouls on Kentucky players as they drove to the hoop. But Tony Greene's crew, and especially Doug Sirmons, were not ABOUT to interrupt the Vols' momentum with a call. So at least TWICE during the 18-0 Tennessee run, the Cats COULD (and should) have gone to the free throw line, but didn't, because the officials appeared to be helping Tennessee.

Additionally, in the midst of this 18-0 run, with 14:25 to go in the first half, Tony Greene makes an absurd foul call on a play where Tennessee's Scotty Hopson was driving to the hoop. Even though Hopson was past two Kentucky defenders, and even though both Mike Kitts and Doug Sirmons were closer to, and in better position to make calls on, the play, Tony Greene stepped in from NEARLY MID-COURT to make a phantom foul on Kentucky to aid Tennessee in its run.

Then the obvious one. With 12:25 to go in the first half, and in the middle of Tennessee's 18-0 run, Kentucky John Wall drove to the basket and was OBVIOUSLY fouled. Tony Greene stood right there and called NOTHING (even though 2 minutes before he could see a Kentucky foul from 45 feet away) as John Wall was hacked and driven to the ground. This non-call was a HUGE factor in helping Tennessee with its crucial 18-0 run, and was one of the worst, and appeared to be one of the most biased, non-calls ITGOTT has seen all year.

So there you have it. An 18-0 run by Tennessee turns a 4-0, close game early, into a 18-4 rout. This run was helped by nearly a half-dozen (that ITGOTT noticed) calls against Kentucky or non-calls that favored Tennessee. There has not been a time this season where ITGOTT has seen an officiating crew that appeared to be more obviously "on the take" than during that 9 minute segment that aided Tennessee to an 18-4 lead early.

Tennessee took an 11-point lead, 40-29, into halftime. But the damage, or work, depending on how you look at it, had already been done.

The Charge/Block Call - It Can Go Either Way, So Make Sure It Goes Your Way

Second half, same thing. After a couple of minutes of back-and-forth play with neither team making a run, Tony Greene steps in again with 16:14 to play when he makes a TERRIBLE blocking call on Kentucky's DeAndre Liggins from 35 feet away, even though Mike Kitts was standing right under the basket looking right at the play. Perhaps this is another "On The Take" rule that ITGOTT has not noticed but that Tony Greene follows - make a big call from out of position. We have not noticed any official in basketball who makes more calls from WAY out of position than Tony Greene, which perhaps is another reason we think he may be "on the take."

The Charge/Block Call - It Can Go Either Way, So Make Sure It Goes Your Way

Get Major Players On The Team You Are NOT Helping In Foul Trouble

Doug Sirmons made an early charge foul on Kentucky's DeMarcus Cousins to set the tone for Tennessee's 18-0 first half run that defined this game, and he now does the same thing in the second half... but in reverse. Just over 5 minutes into the second half, Doug Sirmons NOW makes a BLOCKING call against Cousins, giving him his third foul on yet another play that could go either way.

When ALL THE CALLS that could go either way are going against one specific team, it sort of made it look obvious to ITGOTT that the officials could be "on the take" and were DETERMINED that Tennessee cover the spread in this game.

Use Calls To Change The Momentum And Help The Team You Are Helping

After a quick 9-0 Kentucky spurt reduced the Tennessee lead to 10 and John Wall was shooting a free throw to cut the lead to nine, it was obvious that Kentucky had seized the momentum of the game and was threatening to cut the deficit to manageable levels just under 12 minutes to go in the game.

For the third time THIS GAME, Tony Greene made a call against Kentucky from at least 30 feet away, this time an over-the-back call against Kentucky's Patrick Patterson on the Wall missed free throw. Tony Greene's ability to see things from 30+ feet, while missing things that occur right in front of him, is amazing and should be investigated.

The Charge/Block Call - It Can Go Either Way, So Make Sure It Goes Your Way

On the ENSUING possession with 10:47 to go, Doug Sirmons calls a charge call (remember how important those are?) against Kentucky's Eric Bledsoe in another apparently attempt to stem the momentum that Kentucky was seizing. Note that although this call wasn't as bad as the others (and was, in fact, probably the right call), the fact that Doug Sirmons had now made THREE charge/block calls, all of which went against Kentucky, brings his calls into question.

Then, with 7:35 to go, Mike Kitts makes ANOTHER block call against Kentucky, this time against John Wall. Again, this is probably the right call, but given this crew's penchant for making BAD charge/block calls against Kentucky during the game, the call must be noted. Charge/blocks can go either way, and it seemed today like, whether the right call or the wrong call, they were going against Kentucky in a disporportionate amount.

Kentucky continued with its momentum and cut the lead to 4 with less than 5 minutes to play. Then 2 points with 2 1/2 minutes to play. Then tied it with 2:10 to play. This amazing run was a product of momentum, momentum that was attempted to be seized, but unsuccessfully, but this Tony Greene-led crew.

But then Tennessee pulled ahead at the end to win. An "and one" basket (the Vols missed the free throw), a no-call on a John Wall turnover, then a Vol three-pointer pushed the lead to 5 with 30 seconds to go, and the Vols went on to win.

Make The Big Call At The End

But to make sure that Kentucky was not about to make a miracle comeback, Tony Greene stepped in to make ANOTHER charge call against Kentucky, this time against John Wall. The number of charge/block calls that went against Kentucky this game is stunning.


Given that the game was tied with 2 minutes to play, Tennessee deserved to win. From two minutes to go until the end of the game, the Vols executed and the Wildcats didn't.

However, there is no reason this game should have been tied with 2 minutes to play. The officials clearly aided the Vols' 18-0 run early in the first half, and that run was all the difference this game needed.

Additionally, when Kentucky began making a run in the second half, the officials stepped in multiple times with bizarre and bad calls to attempt to stop Kentucky's momentum.

And most telling, Kentucky was called for SO MANY more charges or blocks on calls that ITGOTT identifies af 50/50 calls that can go either way. Officials "on the take" can make these calls help the team they are helping, and it looked like they did today.

If there has ever been a game all season where it appeared more obvious that Tony Greene (and Doug Sirmons) were "on the take", ITGOTT didn't see it. It looked very obvious to us that Tony Greene was determined, from early on, for Tennessee to cover the spread today.

And guess, what? They did. But what do we know?


  1. Worse than the obvious money someone made off of this game, is the serious possibility of injury to the players. When Tony and his friends let these kind of 'muggings' go on eventually someone gets hurt. I mean possible career ending hurt. What is it going to take to stop this?!!!

  2. You left out the no call on the goal tend early during that 18-0 spurt.

  3. Word! The NCAA should investigate these thre based on this game alone.

  4. how bout the obvious charge late in the game that was called a block against Tennessee. The one where Cousins ran over Chism on left side close to the baseline. Replays showed Chism had been still long enough to have his lunch. Greene made the call from 7 feet away... by the way how many free throws did UK shoot? how many for UT? If I were the Tennessee coach I would blacklist Greene if that is possible.
    You must have watched a different game than I saw on CBS.

  5. yea right, you saw the replay of chism still leaning in tryig to get infront on cousins.

    The charge at the end of the game was just plain stupid, why effect the outcome of the game with a silly charge foul that was a blocking foul, he didnt leabe any room for wall to land. hmmmmmm oh well, i guess the convicts may have tony a little scared.

  6. Keep in mind that the 'strange' officiating in this game may not have been about the point spread and Vegas money but about money going to the SEC for getting another team in the tourney. Tennessee was in danger of becoming a bubble team with another loss today. A win against #2 kentucky pretty much assures a spot In the dance. It's not just the SEC. How was the officiating in the Kansas game today? It's not just basketball. Try to beat a football team late in the season that has a chance for a BCS bowl and BCS dollars. Until conferences and teams are compensated equally regardless of tourney or bowl appearences there will be corruption.

  7. Good analysis but you forgot the no-call where Williams was mounted ON BLEDSOES BACK plus the other foul on Williams at the endline where he mugged Miller causing a turnover. Absolutey the worst officiating ever!

  8. What about all the siapping Prince did every time Cousins got the ball. Even the announcers were commenting that he had gotten away with two or three fouls. Over 50 years I have watched a heck of a lot of basketball games and never saw one this poorly officated. Yes, Kentucky had their worse shooting game of the season but the officials killed us with some home cooking.

  9. LMAO at a Kentucky fan thinking the refs are out to get them.

    If you've been watching the way Cousins has been treated by officials with respect to the charge call all season, no wonder you are confused about what exactly is and is not a charge.

  10. The one thing that stands out when I look at the box score was the fouls. Tn committed 24 to Ky's 18, and Ky made 9 more free throws than Tn and had 10 more attempts. It seems like Greene has to be on the take!

  11. Wow you really have no life this conspiracy thing you have in the works is what breeds Paranoid Schizophrenia seek help please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have heard several coaches say that they knew they were in trouble when they walked out onto the court and saw Tony Greene out there to officiate the game. He makes horrible calls on lots of teams and always seems to be one-sided calls! What a complete Dildo.

  13. UK never loses a game. They always say that the officials caused the loss. What a joke you are for writing this article. Tennessee had a lot more fouls called on them than KY.

  14. UK has a terrible winning percentage in the games Greene calls for them. Just the facts please.

  15. One of the most blatantly rigged games I've ever seen.

  16. Yeah plus they stopped all that momentum when ky went on their run by calling three really questionable blocks on tn n sending them to the line for free points with the clock stopped. Yeah that's what you do.. send a team to the line when they are makin a run so they can score with the clock stopped. Just admitt your team was good enough to come back but didn't make the plays at the end of the game to win. And to say tn was on the bubble is a joke. The win may have helped their seeding but a top 20 rpi had them in before so just stop it. If I was a ky fan I would be more worried about the wins ky will have to vacate when coach cal leaves town then thug u to the south of you. Happened at his two prev stop n history seems to repeat its self with him

  17. You have to remember the Vols slowed the game way down in 2nd half and shot a lot of 3's they weren't as aggressive as Ky. was so therfore Ky. wouldn't have to foul as much. And as for Cal leavinig town that is just wishful thinking on a vomiteers list. Good one.

  18. i like how a 180 pound wall runs into a 300 pound williams and the big guy goes down like he was hit by a mack truck. can we say FLOP.

  19. The flop you speak of happens on every block/charge call...if the defender didn't go down n took a step back then it would be an automatic block for giving up defensive position..I am not even a ut fan but that was a stupid have over 2k wins I really question the bball IQ of ky fans...I hope all 20+ thousand fans in rupp aren't as stupid as the ones posting here...face it guys you shot terrible n got beat by a better team on that win and losers make excuses and to only have lost two games you all sound like a bunch of have great talent but I would be worried more about your coaches in games X and Os and how you are going to make a final four run when you face a good zone team and can't hit an outside shot..instead of trying to blame officals..

  20. ....with all this data,might i suggest that it be forwarded to Mr. Gerald Budreaux, Spvsr. of Officials, SEC Office.

    Anonymous ref.

  21. Often, when Maze drove to the basket, a Tennessee post player would screen off a Kentucky big man so he couldn't get over to try to block the shot. These screens frequently look like block outs, with the Tennessee player pushing holding off the Kentucky player with his back side while moving. Are these legal? Nothing was ever called in these situations; maybe because they are allowed, I don't know.

  22. For those claiming that this site is by a UK fan, I don't think that is the case. He says the refs helped Tenn in the first UK v. UT game. He is just anti-Tony Greene.


  24. WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  25. this site is pathetic. Kentucky got two of the worst calls of the year IN THEIR FAVOR when Wall was given multiple undeserved "and ones" down the stretch. one play was an obvious charge that was called a block and the other was a phantom foul called from behind the ball.

    UK has gotten favorable calls all year and any complaining about officials by Kentucky fans is sour grapes at it's worst.

  26. I've watched Tony Greene ref all year, at my school, not UK. Can't stand him. You know he is on the take.

  27. i think you are on the wrong track.
    1- coaches are fined for complaining about the refs.
    2- schools are penalized if they complain
    3- announcers wont say a thing about a terrible call,in fear of their jobs
    4- networks wont replay fouls as they used to-they know they were bad. instead they replay a previous offesive play that is over and has nothing to do with the present call
    5- these calls are so obvious. if the refs werent acting under orders they would be on the red carpet.
    6- i beleive the refs are controlled by the networks to create more veiwers.

    the only cure is to get to the network sponsers

  28. fuck you kentucky fans