Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Game 14 - #9 Missouri vs #16 Georgetown in Kansas City, MO

Game - #9 Missouri vs. #16 Georgetown in Kansas City, MO

Line - Pick 'Em

Result - Georgetown wins 111-102 in OT in a GREAT game

Great game between two great teams - one of which, Georgetown, is an ITGOTT favorite - that saw the Hoyas get way up early, blow the lead and be nearly beat, only to hit a last second three to tie at the end of regulation and then drain threes to win easily in overtime.

However, there was one VERY VERY suspicious call in this game... a call that almost certainly made a difference in the outcome of the game. And it occurred in the first half... and it was a 100& correctable error that went uncorrected.

With less than a minute left in the first half, Georgetown had the ball as the shot clock wound down. Even though the shot clock clearly expired before a Hoya got a shot off, the post-shot clock three-point attempt hit nothing but net, and the Hoyas were awarded three points that should NOT have counted. Without any question, replay showed that the shot clock had expired before the ball left the shooter's hand. (Note: ESPN's Dan McLaughlin and the unethical Doug Gottleib pointed out that the arena was perhaps too noisy to HEAR the shot clock expiration indicator in real tim).

But the officials, despite the protests from Mizzou's coach Mike Anderson, refused to review the play. And there was indisuputable visual evidence of a shot clock expiration.

Three points fewer, and presumably, this game never goes into overtime. Missouri wins by 3, and Missouri bettors win also. Instead, Georgetown, and those who placed wagers on Georgetown, are winners tonight.

PREDICTION: there will be an official apology for the refusal by the officiating crew of "Hollywood" John Higgins, Tony Greene, and James Breeding to review the replay of the obvious shot clock violation. Since the officials assigned to tonight's game were presumably assigned by the Big East (visiting team usually provides officials in out-of-conference games, and Missouri was the technical host in Kansas City - and the three officials, "Hollywood" John Higgins, Tony Greene, and James Breeding, are usually Big East officials), even a suspension is not out of the question. Remember, it was the Big East who suspended 2009 Official of the Year Mike Kitts during the 2009-2010 season... so wouldn't it make sense for 2010 Official of the Year Tony Greene to serve a suspension during the 2010-2011 season?


Friday, November 19, 2010

Game #6 - North Carolina State v. George Mason from Charleston, SC - Nov. 19, 2010

Game - North Carolina State v. George Mason from Charleston, SC - Friday, November 19, 2010

Line - NC State -3

Result - NC State wins 78-65 and covers.

When The Team You Are Helping Is Playing Aggressive Defense, Swallow Your Whistle

With NC State as a 3-point favorite, the game stayed near that mark for the first 15 minutes of the game. However, when George Mason had a 3-point lead at 28-25, NC State began a run of play uninterrupted by any calls against the Wolfpack, their aggressive D creating turnovers and their team scoring in transition to change a 3-point deficit into a 10-point lead, covering the spread.

After a brief George Mason run to begin the second half reduced the NC State lead to 3, exactly on the spread line, the game was a back-and-forth affair of great basketball.

Swallow Your Whistle When Things Are Going Your Way

It was also uninterrupted as NC State went on a 12-0 run to take a 10-point lead with 6 minutes to go. Apparent hand-checks on NC State went ignored, and the clearly more athletic team, the NC State Wolf Pack, were able to build a lead during this period. The only two fouls called during this period was on George Mason, of course.

NC State continued to just extend that lead with no fouls called on them, and by the 4-minute mark, the Wolfpack were in control of the game, if not the spread, and enjoying a 15-point lead.

There wasn't a single foul called on NC State from 13 minutes to play until 30 seconds to play, an unbelievable 12 1/2-minute foul-free period which included their entire end-of-game run. Naturally, the Wolfpack were able to turn a tie game with 10 minutes to play into a blowout that covered the 3-point spread, 78-65.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Game 5 - #20 Georgetown vs. Coastal Carolina from Charleston, SC

Game - #20 Georgetown vs. Coastal Carolina from Charleston, SC

Line - Georgetown -14

Result - Georgetown wins 80-61, and covers the 14-point spread

Tony Greene is finally working a televised game with a spread, this time in the Opening Round of the Charleston Classic tournament from Charleston, SC. Working with James Breeding (an ITGOTT favorite) and TV Teddy Valentine (who Nate Ross points out lives in the Charleston area), Tony Greene began his reviewable 2010-2011 work with a game that saw Georgetown as a big favorite, favored by 14 points.

During the first half, the game appeared to be allowed to unfold organically, and Georgetown slowly built a lead using its skill and size - Georgetown is going to be bigger than nearly all of its opponents this year and looks to make noise in the Big East under the excellent leadership of John Thompson III - and the Hoyas took a 6-point lead into the locker room. Nearly halfway to the 14-point spread, the spread of this game (if not the game itself) would be decided in the second half.

Make The Big Judgment Call In Favor Of The Team You Are Helping

Coastal Carolina, led by former Auburn coach Cliff Ellis, had shown some inspired play with tenacious defense at the end of the first half and some enthusiasm to begin the second half. Not one to let a tenacious underdog stick around while ostensibly aiding the favorite toward a cover, Tony Greene and his crew took over just 2 1/2 minutes into the second half when a Georgetown player drove to the hoop and was fouled. Even though official James Breeding made the blocking call against the Coastal Carolina player well before Hoya Jason Clark scored, when Tony Greene administered the free throw, he indicated that Clark would only shoot one... that the basket counted. A conference occurred, and guess which official's opinion ruled. Yep, that of Tony Greene, and the Hoyas were awarded a bucket "and one" free throw.

Of course, this call is followed up within a couple minutes of on-court action by Tony Greene with the phantom moving screen against Coastal Carolina. The 6-point halftime lead Georgetown enjoyed, just 4 minutes into the second half, had been extended to 12 at 41-29 and was nearing the 14-point spread.

Sure enough, the Hoyas had the momentum and quickly spread its lead to 18, at 51-33, with 13 1/2 minutes to go, and despite a brief Coastal Carolina run, the Hoyas managed to keep the lead at about 18 point for the remainder of the game, ultimately winning 80-61 and safely covering the 14-point spread.


When Georgetown was clearly winning the game in the second half, but not by enough to cover the 14-point spread, the officiating crew, led by Tony Greene, made two big judgment calls in a row that favored the Hoyas, and the lead was extended beyond the spread. With just these two calls, a 10-point game became a 20-point game, and the Hoyas covered the spread, winning 80-61. Interesting how these things happen, isn't it?


Game 4 - VCU @ Wake Forest - Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010

VCU took Wake Forest to the woodshed 90-69 in a non-televised game from Winston-Salem, NC.

Wake Forest is off to a bad start - first-year coach Jeff Bzdelik has now lost at home to Stetson in his opener and failed to reach the Pre-season NIT semi-finals at Madison Square Garden by getting blown out at home by VCU.

But, no Tony Greene review possible with no TV.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Game 3 - St. Francis (NY) @ South Florida - Nov. 15, 2010

For the first time during the 2010-2011 season, Tony Greene worked a televised game.

However, there was no betting line for this game, so there is no need for ITGOTT to review the 74-71 South Florida victory over St. Francis (NY).

That being said, ITGOTT will make this prediction: South Florida coach Stan Heath better be working on his resume. We just don't think he's going to cut it in the Big East.

Game 2 - Talladega @ Alabama A&M - Nov. 13, 2010

Proving that he will work any game at any time, Tony Greene worked his second game of the 2010-2011 season Saturday in Normal, IL (and, yes, we had to look up where Alabama A&M was located).

The game featured Alabama A&M beating Talladega College 93-77, and was of course, not televised.

Game 1 - Northwestern State @ LSU - Nov. 12, 2010

Tony Greene's first NCAA Division 1 game of the 2010-2011 season occurred on Friday night in Baton Rouge, LA.

Working with Bert Smith (one of ITGOTT's favorite officials, and one that ITGOTT thinks does the best job), Tony Greene officiated a 9-point, 87-78 LSU victory.

There was no television for this game, so there will be no ITGOTT review.

Tony Greene Named 2009-2010 National Official of the Year


Yes, it's true. The bane of the existence of IsTonyGreeneOnTheTake, Mr. Tony Greene himself, was named the 2010-2011 Naismith Men's College Official of the Year by the Atlanta TipOff Club.

Supposedly, this award is given to officials display "character, integrity, and dignity, and who have contributed mightily to the growth, success, and viability of college basketball." Yeah, right. Since the award was first given in 1988, it has gone to a different official EVERY SINGLE YEAR and no one has won it twice. Thus, this is much more an award of longevity and "who hasn't won it yet" than it is anything to do with officiating, dignity, character, or any other nebulus characteristic that can be used to describe anyone who hasn't been indicted.

In reality, it is likely that the awarding of the Naismith Official of the Year title, much like the game assignments for NCAA Division 1 officials, is mysterious and left to a cadre of fuzzy folks who enjoy basketball and are part of the Atlanta Tipoff Club.. Further, it is likely that this award is as much (or more) about politics than it is about actual officiating ability, just like game assignments. As such, it can't be too much of a surprise that the Atlanta Tip-Off Club named Tony Greene its Official of the Year for 2009-2010, considering that Tony Greene lives in the Atlanta area, does 60+ games a year, many of them on TV, and has been around for many years... and has never won the award before.

But what is the history of this award? Well, there is really only one thing that needs to be explained.

The 2008-2009 winner of this award, Mike Kitts, was the reigining award winner when he was suspended by his primary conference, the Big East, for poor officiating during February of this year: http://istonygreeneonthetake.blogspot.com/2010/02/mike-kitts-suspended-by-big-east-for.html

Clearly, the Atlanta Tip-Off Club doesn't know the first thing about quality officiating, since its most recent winner was ACTUALLY SUSPENDED for POOR OFFICIATING !!! Perhaps the Atlanta Tip-Off Club names winners based on on-court preening and multiple high-profile assignments rather than effective officiating and quality game management. Could Ted Valentine follow Tony Greene as the club's absurd award winner, if this is the criteria?

Oh wait. TV Teddy already WON this award, apparently, in 2005. Notably, Larry Rose won the award in 2002, just a few years before he was DEMOTED from ACC assignments by new ACC Supervisor of Officials John Clougherty, himself a 1989 Award Winner.

Since the award apparently goes to a visible official who has never won it before, ITGOTT nominates David Hall for the 2010-2011 award. But since it apparently ALSO goes to an official who works primiarly in the south or east, we predict the 2010-2011 award winner will be one of these three folks: Karl Hess, Tom O'Neill, or Mike Stuart.

Additionally, if history is any guide, look for Tony Greene to be suspended this season due to his officiating. As we are sure you know, this wouldn't surprise us.