Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Game 14 - #9 Missouri vs #16 Georgetown in Kansas City, MO

Game - #9 Missouri vs. #16 Georgetown in Kansas City, MO

Line - Pick 'Em

Result - Georgetown wins 111-102 in OT in a GREAT game

Great game between two great teams - one of which, Georgetown, is an ITGOTT favorite - that saw the Hoyas get way up early, blow the lead and be nearly beat, only to hit a last second three to tie at the end of regulation and then drain threes to win easily in overtime.

However, there was one VERY VERY suspicious call in this game... a call that almost certainly made a difference in the outcome of the game. And it occurred in the first half... and it was a 100& correctable error that went uncorrected.

With less than a minute left in the first half, Georgetown had the ball as the shot clock wound down. Even though the shot clock clearly expired before a Hoya got a shot off, the post-shot clock three-point attempt hit nothing but net, and the Hoyas were awarded three points that should NOT have counted. Without any question, replay showed that the shot clock had expired before the ball left the shooter's hand. (Note: ESPN's Dan McLaughlin and the unethical Doug Gottleib pointed out that the arena was perhaps too noisy to HEAR the shot clock expiration indicator in real tim).

But the officials, despite the protests from Mizzou's coach Mike Anderson, refused to review the play. And there was indisuputable visual evidence of a shot clock expiration.

Three points fewer, and presumably, this game never goes into overtime. Missouri wins by 3, and Missouri bettors win also. Instead, Georgetown, and those who placed wagers on Georgetown, are winners tonight.

PREDICTION: there will be an official apology for the refusal by the officiating crew of "Hollywood" John Higgins, Tony Greene, and James Breeding to review the replay of the obvious shot clock violation. Since the officials assigned to tonight's game were presumably assigned by the Big East (visiting team usually provides officials in out-of-conference games, and Missouri was the technical host in Kansas City - and the three officials, "Hollywood" John Higgins, Tony Greene, and James Breeding, are usually Big East officials), even a suspension is not out of the question. Remember, it was the Big East who suspended 2009 Official of the Year Mike Kitts during the 2009-2010 season... so wouldn't it make sense for 2010 Official of the Year Tony Greene to serve a suspension during the 2010-2011 season?


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