Saturday, February 13, 2010

Game 53 - #12 Tennessee @ #2 Kentucky - Feb. 13, 2010

Game - #12 Tennessee @ #2 Kentucky - Saturday, February 13, 2010

Line - Kentucky -10

Result - Kentucky wins and covers, 73-62

Tony Greene's 53rd outing of the season was a big one - #12 Tennessee in Rupp Arena in Lexington to face the #2 Kentucky Wildcats on ESPN's Gameday.

This game ended with Kentucky covering the spread by ONE point, and there were really a couple of major calls that ITGOTT felt were made that actually appeared as if the officials could have been "on the take"... for Tennessee

First, with the emotion of ESPN's Gameday (which had been attended by a record 22,000 Kentucky fans earlier in the day), the highly-rated Wildcats quickly shot to a 6-0 lead. Just a minute or so into the game, it looked like Kentucky was poised to blow the game open and thoroughly destroy an over-matched, especially emotionally, Tennessee team. Unless something happened early to change the game's momentum, this thing looked like it could get ugly early.

Use Calls To Change The Momentum And Hurt The Team You Are Not Helping

The Charge/Block Call - It Can Go Either Way, So Make Sure It Goes Your Way

Then wouldn't you know, Tony Greene steps in with a blocking call on Kentucky's DeMarcus Cousins when a charge call EASILY could have been called. That single call changed the momentum of the game, and the ensuing 12-1 Tennessee run gave them a 5-point lead.

Then, Kentucky goes on an IMMEDIATE 13-2 run to push lead to 20-14. Again, the game was on the verge of becoming a blowout - remember the amped up crowd, the emotion of Gameday, etc. - until a charging call is made against Patrick Patterson of Kentucky. This time, that change in momentum resulted in an 8-2 run and a game tied at 26.

These two calls - one a block and one a charge - each CERTAINLY changed the momentum of a game that was on the verge of blowout. The charge/block call can almost always go either way, so when TWO momentum changes occur in a big game due to charge/block calls, ITGOTT takes note.

The game is EVEN for a long time, until about 9 minutes to go when a defense-fueled 10-0 UK run puts Cats up 8. A bizarre goal tending call by Antinio Petty ends run and cuts lead to 6 with 6 1/2 min to go and changes momentum. UT 5-0 run cuts lead to 4.

After UK run pushes lead to 12 (and surpasses the spread) with 3 1/2 minutes to go, Tony Greene calls a moving screen on Kentucky's Daniel Orton. Greene was across the court, the farthest official from the play, and he was also the only person in Rupp Arena to see a foul on that play. Unbelievable.

Yet with all these calls, Kentucky was able to cover the spread. But in the eyes of ITGOTT, it looked like if the officiating crew WAS "on the take," they were favoring Tennessee.

Who knows?

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  1. I'd reckon Tony forgot what a moving screen was between this game in Rupp and UK v. UT in TBA last Saturday. Or maybe he saw the Vols doing it so often that he thought it was a legal move.