Thursday, January 21, 2010

Game 41 - Louisville @ Seton Hall - Jan. 21, 2010

Game - Louisville @ Seton Hall; Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010

Line - Louisville -2

Result - Seton Hall wins 80-77, beating the spread outright


Well, ITGOTT didn't get to see all of Tony Greene's 41st D-1 game of the year, but listened to most of it on the radio before catching the last few minutes.

By the time ITGOTT was watching, Seton Hall had a commanding lead (maybe 13 points with about 4 minutes to go) and Louisville was scrambling and fouling at the end of the game, trying to get back into it. Seton Hall obliged, missing a lot of free throws, and with less than a second to go, Louisville pulls within 2.

And then on the ensuing inbounds pass underneath Louisville's basket, the Seton Hall inbounder accepted the ball from Tony Greene and, in the process of attempting to inbound the ball, stepped directly across the endline WITH BOTH FEET !!!

Tony Greene, standing no more than 5 feet away, looked right at this infraction, seemed to indicate that this violation would be called and Louisville would have the ball, under its own basket and with less than a second to play, needed a 2 to tie and a 3 to win.

But then the unthinkable happened. For some undetermined reason - perhaps Tony Greene just could NOT allow Louisville to be in position to tie the game, play an overtime, and win by 3 or more and cover the spread - Tony Greene HANDS THE BALL BACK TO THE SETON HALL INBOUNDER. The violation, which Tony Greene (and everyone else in the building) saw as clear as day, was just totally ignored. Totally. Even ESPN's commentators, Dave Pasch and Doris Burke, who named Tony Greene BY NAME, were unable to explain what they just saw. And not just because Dave Pasch and Doris Burke are incompetent announcers. Because this time, Tony Greene's actions were totally inexplicable.

How is that even possible?

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