Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 2009-2010 college basketball season is here! (No Tony Greene sightings yet...)

Official games began on Monday, November 9, and so far, there have been 7 games played.

4 games were played Monday, November 9; 3 games were played Wednesday, November 11. And 2 games (James Madison visiting Ohio State and Georgia State visiting North Carolina State) will be played tonight. While it's unlikely Tony Greene will be in Value City arena tonight, ITGOTT will be watching nonetheless! The NC State-GA State game, a Tony Greene possibility, will not be televised.

So far, there have been no Tony Greene sightings. Some ITGOTT favorites - Mike Littlewood, Bernard Clinton, and Dick Cartmell - have been seen blowing the whistle, as well as another official ITGOTT thinks doesn't belong working at the D-1 level (Raymie Styons).

But our man Tony Greene? He will almost certainly get his first action tomorrow night when there are no fewer than 126 Division 1 games! Where will Tony Greene be? We don't know, but hopefully the game he works will be televised so we will be able to monitor him.

Stay tuned...

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